Background Check Service in Vietnam

Why do we have to undertake background check before recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of screening and recruiting qualified people to meet a job in an organization in general and in particular business. Recruitment plays a very important role in business development. Hence, employment background check in Vietnam is required by company with high standard for employee.   Why employment background check in Vietnam is … Read More

Background Check Service in Vietnam_1

Background Check Service in Vietnam

Why need the background check service in Vietnam? Vietnam is a developing countries where opportunities are coupled with risks. Risks in Vietnam could appear in different forms i.e. risks in doing business with untrustworthy partners or incapable partners, risks in employing the wrong people or people with criminal record, risks in buying goods from scammers…Hence … Read More

Research information of the individual

Why Market Research and Risk Evaluation Are Important for Foreign Investment?

Market research and risks assessment before investing or having any business cooperation, especially in the period of integration, trade between countries, have become very popular. When entering Vietnam, the new market with different cultures, market mechanism, the first and indispensable step is to do market research, evaluate the risks to know the strengths, weaknesses of … Read More

Background Check Service in Vietnam

Why is it important to undertake background check before hiring?

Every business in order to be able to operate stably and develop must first have an effective resource. In addition to material, technological, and machine resources, human resources are considered as an important resource that determines the success of an enterprise.  It is important to conduct background check before hiring to confirm the information given … Read More

Research public information of the company

Investors need to choose the right enterprise for cooperation

Why undertake background check on company in Vietnam? Profitable investment is the legitimate aim of every investor. However, to be able to make an overall assessment of an enterprise that investors can trust is really a difficult choice. Especially for foreign investors who do not have much experience in the Vietnam market whom wish to … Read More

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