Why is it important to undertake background check before hiring?

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Every business in order to be able to operate stably and develop must first have an effective resource. In addition to material, technological, and machine resources, human resources are considered as an important resource that determines the success of an enterprise.  It is important to conduct background check before hiring to confirm the information given by the employee reflects the truth.

Human resources are people who are directly involved in working for the business in different positions with the aim of creating values ​​and profits for the business, contributing to the development of the business. Thus, in order for businesses to be able to recruit capable and qualified individuals suitable for the position that the business is looking for, the business needs to have research and selection. Below is the necessary information that businesses can refer to be able to choose a suitable candidate.

Professional competence and skills are concerns that every business wants in its candidate. With high professional ability and good problem-solving skills, it will be a factor to help businesses develop well, satisfy customers, increase competitiveness with competitors… contribute to creating profits and improving location of the business. To find out this information, businesses can look in the information about the education and experience that the candidate provides or contact the previous company to confirm the accuracy of this information.

Besides, professionalism is also a necessary requirement that businesses should look for in candidates. It is shown in punctuality, polite manners, proper manners, responsibility for work, seriousness and respect for work, respect for colleagues and superiors, responsibility for work results, admit faults and get solution.

In addition, businesses should learn the personality of the candidate to know if the candidate is a good fit for their corporate culture. Because corporate culture is an “implicit” rule common to everyone in the business. Candidates who do not fit the corporate culture find it difficult to get along with everyone in the process of working together. Businesses can find this information in a candidate’s interests or activities section, or through candidate sources from a previous workplace.

Honesty, integrity, ethics are essential qualities of a good employee. That is the basis for businesses to trust and work long-term with candidates. Therefore, when choosing employees to work, businesses should consider this factor because candidates with these qualities will bring many benefits and be the basis long-term commitment. However, it is difficult for businesses to find out if a candidate is honest and integrity through just one interview. For important positions, businesses should carefully learn this information from the previous company or through the personal information channels of the candidate.

Moreover, there is a method that businesses can apply when selecting candidates that is taking a test. Through the test results, businesses can know about a lot of general information such as: attitude, skills of handling situations, reasoning and calculation ability of candidates when facing a problem and also in terms of cognitive ability, achievements, work experience, interests… From there, enterprises also assess the candidate’s ability to integrate and adapt.

In addition, the candidate’s resume, background check, personal reference are also a reliable basis for businesses to know about their working history, reputation of employee in previous assignment, work, previous criminal records or not, etc. There is evaluation and consideration when selecting suitable candidates.

These are the reasons why businesses need to find out information about candidates before hiring. Knowing what skills and characteristics to look for in current employees as well as when recruiting new employees ensures the quality of your human resources and leads to an efficient business.  Hence, background screening has been increasingly important before hiring as part of risk management and risk prevention in Vietnam.

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