Market Entry Strategy

Before entering the local market, through setting up company, acquiring shares through M&A execution, it is important for venture capital companies, investors, international development directors to understand the Vietnam market, the industry, competitors, Vietnam government’s policy, regulatory to understand factors that impact the success of the project, and map out the risks of investment and the entrance into Vietnam market.

Nowadays the internet allow the investors or its advisors to scan local media and search on adverse news on target, search Vietnam regulatory for concerning matters, follow social media of competitors for information…However, it is not easy to tell if the information is up to date, reliable, relevant without the help of local consultants with background and qualifications in business and law.

While a company plans to enter Vietnam, its competitors already launched similar products and such information are available on local news. Should the company continue to enter into Vietnam or should it hold back the plan?

Before acquiring shares in a target companies in Vietnam, the local news break out in public about the departure of some of the key directors to its competitor. Should the investor continue to execute M&A into the target company or should it hold back the plan?

At the time of forming market entry into Vietnam, the law has changes leading to higher cost of regulator compliance. Should the project be executed or should it be held back?

At ANT Consulting, we aim to help the client to undertake research, considering political, economic, social, technology, legal, environment and draft market entry strategy into Vietnam market that would best fit with the client’s circumstance.

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