M&A Origination and Execution in Vietnam

We advise strategic and financial investors on both, origination and execution of acquisitions, divestments and carve-outs.

M&A Origination and Execution in Vietnam

M&A origination

We assist client to identify horizontal M&A opportunities (in-market consolidation, new market entry, market exit) as well as vertical M&A potentials (vertical integration or disintegration).
Our M&A origination engagements can be split into two distinct categories:

Ad-hoc analysis and evaluation of potential targets

We perform appraisals of targets focusing on market potential, industry dynamics, valuation, transaction rationale, risk assessment and deal structuring. Based on our recommendations our clients can make well-informed decisions whether or not to pursue M&A transactions.

Fully fledged M&A origination

Based on our clients’ core competencies and business objectives, we develop a comprehensive M&A strategy covering: in-depth evaluation of markets and industries, appropriate investment criteria development, a long list of potential targets/buyers, preliminary valuations, transaction rationale and approach strategy.

M&A execution

We could assist client in executing both acquisition and divestment. We believe that every M&A transaction is unique and hence demands bespoke process taking all critical factors into consideration:

Engaging local English consultants with expertise in English, Business, Law, and a diverse industry background in Vietnam and other countries is instrumental for foreign clients seeking to enter Vietnam and conduct business through M&A origination and execution. Here’s a comprehensive explanation of how these consultants can add significant value to the process:

1. Cultural and Linguistic Bridge:
– Local English consultants act as a crucial bridge, ensuring effective communication between foreign clients and the Vietnamese business environment. Their proficiency in English and understanding of local culture is essential for navigating negotiations, understanding nuances, and fostering strong business relationships.

2. Industry Expertise:
– Consultants with experience across various industries in both Vietnam and other countries bring a wealth of knowledge to the M&A process. This broad industry perspective enables them to offer insights into global best practices, industry trends, and potential challenges, providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of the landscape.

3. M&A Origination:
– For M&A origination, consultants assist clients in identifying opportunities, whether it’s in-market consolidation, new market entry, or market exit. Their expertise allows them to conduct ad-hoc analyses and evaluations of potential targets, offering insights into market potential, industry dynamics, valuation, and risk assessment. This aids clients in making well-informed decisions about pursuing M&A transactions.

– Consultants also engage in fully-fledged M&A origination, developing a comprehensive strategy based on clients’ core competencies and objectives. This involves in-depth evaluations of markets and industries, the development of investment criteria, preliminary valuations, and transaction rationale.

4. M&A Execution:
– In M&A execution, consultants provide critical support throughout the entire transaction process. This includes project management, coordination of daily activities, negotiation assistance, and deal tactics development. Their role extends to managing internal resources and external advisors, ensuring a bespoke process that considers all critical factors.

– For divestments, consultants structure and plan internal and external processes, prepare assets for sale, and develop marketing material. They create a long and short list of potential buyers, handle the development of process materials, and support or take over the role of an internal M&A team.

5. Project Management:
– Local English consultants play a pivotal role in project management, ensuring the seamless execution of the transaction. They coordinate activities during every step, from initial evaluation to closing, and assist in the development of internal documentation such as board presentations.

6. Risk Mitigation:
– Consultants are adept at identifying and mitigating risks associated with M&A transactions. Their experience allows them to foresee potential challenges, providing clients with proactive strategies to address risks and uncertainties, ultimately contributing to the success of the transaction.

In essence, local English consultants providing M&A Origination and Execution in Vietnam with a multidisciplinary skill set and diverse industry experience serve as strategic partners for foreign clients entering Vietnam. Their ability to navigate cultural differences, provide industry-specific insights, and manage the complexities of M&A transactions positions them as invaluable assets in the pursuit of successful business ventures in the Vietnamese market.

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