Why Market Research and Risk Evaluation Are Important for Foreign Investment?

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Market research and risks assessment before investing or having any business cooperation, especially in the period of integration, trade between countries, have become very popular. When entering Vietnam, the new market with different cultures, market mechanism, the first and indispensable step is to do market research, evaluate the risks to know the strengths, weaknesses of business, in order to bring the best profit on investment.

Market research and risk evaluation require a high level of expertise and a deep knowledge of a particular market. The team of research and risk evaluation services are also people with professional capacity, good research, analysis and judgment ability. Consulting service companies have also been established with an increasing number and quality are also specialized and professionalized to meet the high requirements of foreign investors.

There are many areas to look into for market research and risk evaluation, i.e. general market research services, customer research services, buying behaviour, supply and demand rend, reputation of company being buyer or seller, reputation of the individual managing the company, reputation of key employee for hiring, work records of employee, criminal record of individual stakeholders. These diverse research fields have solved the obstacles of foreign investors and become an effective channel to exploit information in a reputable, fast and accurate way.

Today, with the development of information technology, a foreign investor can access information and data of a market, of an enterprise or information of a business or production field which are not too difficult. However, it is not easy to use data and link information together to make an accurate assessment for investors’ purposes. Many investors have decided to do their own research. However, participating in a completely strange field and market is a risky decision. Accordingly, in addition to the information collected, foreign individuals and organizations need to have realistic analysis reports, in-depth research enough to grasp the potential and risks of that market before choosing to invest in.

Besides the cost, the research and risk evaluation service of professional consultant have helped investors to know the information of the market and the expected business field without having to spend time and money to go in person to the country in other to research. Moreover, the research and risk service can provide results from the measurement that make an assessment of the prospects, potential, and suitability of the investment orientation thanks to the understanding of the characteristics and business practices… It will therefore be possible to give useful and reliable advice on investment opportunities.

Research and risk evaluation services also help investors narrow the vision and effective investment scope to avoid risks. From there, investors can work towards a specific goal and plan the next steps. As a consulting channel, the research and evaluation service also provides useful information such as the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, the risks they have encountered, and the trends they are deploying so the investors can consult and note. Based on that information to create for a suitable strategy such as a unique promotion tactic, a special, impressive product, hiring strategy…

Research and risk evaluation services also help analyze the legal matters that have significant impact that investors gain more legal knowledge in the expected field and have the most general picture of the field. On the other hand, it helps investors when implementing launch programs and entering the market to comply with the provisions of the law, as well as in accordance with the local culture.

It can be seen that in today’s investment market, research and risk evaluation services are not only useful, but it is an initial factor to determine the possibility of success. Therefore, foreign investors do not forget to choose for themselves a reputable and experienced research and risk evaluation service provider to successfully implement investment projects together in Vietnam.

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