Why employee background check is important?

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Risk of wrong hiring without employee background check in Vietnam

It has been increasingly important for employer to understand about the employee through employee background check in Vietnam to reduce potential hiring risks.

The risk of wrong hiring could be accessing the wrong talent, exposure to criminal activities, legal issues, reputation matters that impact the business, workforce or customers.

It is understandable that if applicants are dishonest in how they obtained a job, they may be dishonest once they have the job.  This could not be found out during the interview.

Hence, it is important to consider investment in background screening service to minimize the risks associated with workplace violence, lost customers, negligent hiring lawsuits, identity theft and fraud, embezzlement, data breaches, and high turnover.

How to undertake employee background check in Vietnam?

The pre-employment screening by verification and validation of the information and documents provided by the potential candidates could cover the following matters.

Government-issued identification document.  The candidate will provide one or more identification (ID) documents i.e. a photo ID card or passport. The employee background screening firm is asked to verify that the ID document provided by the candidate is valid.

Criminal record check. This information cannot be provided by the candidate. This record check will likely be obtained directly from Provincial Department of Justice, and possibly other local or national law enforcement organizations.  With the authorization of the application, such criminal record could be obtain by background check company.

Employment history.  The candidate will provide the name and location for his or her previous employers for a number of years.  The background screening  firm is asked to verify that the candidate actually worked for the previous employers listed.

Education history.  The candidate will provide a copy of the highest degree or certificate of completion issued by the educational institution i.e. university, industrial training academy.  The background check service company is asked to verify that the degree, certificate was actually issued by the institution to the candidate. The candidate may be asked to provide official transcripts from the educational institution in lieu of, or in addition to, the copy of a degree, certification in order to assist in the verification process.

Professional accreditation. If a candidate claims to have a professional accreditation or certificate, the candidate should also provide a copy of this to verify.

Managerial position.  This information, a search of government records cannot be provided by the candidate. This record check will be obtained directly from Business Registration Office by employee background check service.

Risk management consulting company helps employee background check in Vietnam

If a person passes a background check, it does not mean such hiring would not encounter issues in the future but it is important to have as much information about applicants being verified to warn the risks if found before making hiring decisions to reduce the potential risks to the employer and its workforce, customers.

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