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Apple suppliers to invest in Vietnam and build factories

According to Reuters, a global news agency, the screen maker BOE Technology Group is planning to invest USD 400 million to set up company and build two factories in Vietnam. BOE is negotiating to lease dozens of hectares of land in the North of Vietnam. They already have a small factory in the South, mainly supplying … Read More

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Why employee background check is important?

Risk of wrong hiring without employee background check in Vietnam It has been increasingly important for employer to understand about the employee through employee background check in Vietnam to reduce potential hiring risks. The risk of wrong hiring could be accessing the wrong talent, exposure to criminal activities, legal issues, reputation matters that impact the … Read More

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Background Check Service in Vietnam

Why need the background check service in Vietnam? Vietnam is a developing countries where opportunities are coupled with risks. Risks in Vietnam could appear in different forms i.e. risks in doing business with untrustworthy partners or incapable partners, risks in employing the wrong people or people with criminal record, risks in buying goods from scammers…Hence … Read More

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Why background check is needed when applying for second passport?

Nowadays, it is popular for individuals to have a second passport. It can be seen that in many countries, individuals are restricted to travel freely between countries. Typically, such nationals whom wish to travel abroad are required to apply for a visa which takes a lot of paper preparation for proof of financial status, legitimate … Read More

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