Why do we have to undertake background check before recruitment?

Recruitment is the process of screening and recruiting qualified people to meet a job in an organization in general and in particular business. Recruitment plays a very important role in business development. Hence, employment background check in Vietnam is required by company with high standard for employee.


Why employment background check in Vietnam is needed?

Effective recruitment will provide businesses with a team of skilled, active, creative employees and provide human resources in accordance with the business performance of the business. Only when doing well the recruitment stage can we do well in the next stages. Therefore, businesses need to recruit the right people right the first time as well as arrange them in an important position.  

Most of the information that enterprise has is provided by the employee and there is no verification of the information. And if the enterprise only relies on the information provided by the employee, it is likely that the employee is dishonest, or causes mistakes and avoid responsibility. To recruit “right employee, right job”, enterprise needs to check the applicant’s background.

What to include in employment background check in Vietnam?

Checking employee’s background is to create trust between enterprise and employee. The background check includes: Verify Identification; Verify at home; Verify qualifications and certificates; Verify employment history at old jobs; Verify criminal records in Vietnam.

Verification of the background helps to know personal information, origin, hometown, criminal status of the employee. Thereby, background check will minimize commercial risks; preventing fraud and internal theft better; increase security of data and documents in the enterprise. In particular, for important positions in the enterprise, the confidentiality of enterprise document information is extremely necessary.

Verifying employment history at past jobs is to understand working process and the reason for job termination; obtain an objective view of the necessary competencies, skills and work experience. From there, enterprise could save time in searching for suitable employees as well as saving labor training costs.

In addition, background check improves business efficiency, develops a team of integrity to meet the business requirements of the enterprise. Because recruiting well means finding out people to perform the job with the capabilities and qualities to complete the assigned work, then effective recruitment helps the enterprise perform well its business goal and improve profitability.

How employment background check in Vietnam should help?

Currently, the situation of fraud, diploma trading, or dishonesty in recruitment, many enterprises cannot control and verify all the information that employees provide. Enterprises need to check applicant’s background when recruiting to prevent fraud, internal theft; increasing security of data and documents in enterprises; decrease recruitment time and training costs. Besides, creating trust between businesses and employees; increase employee productivity and product quality as well as increase business profits.  It is suggested to consult with professional background check service company with proven track record in Vietnam to help with the local service taking advantage of doing business in Vietnam.

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