Why Asian Investors Prefer Vietnam Real Estate Market?

Profitability of high-end real estate in Vietnam surpasses that of ASEAN countries.

According to Mr Pham Lam, General Director of DKRA Vietnam, in the past 3 – 5 years, Asian investors from Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and China have been active in the Vietnam real estate market. They prefer golden land funds, specializing in high-end and luxury real estate development.

Also according to leaders of DKRA Vietnam, the investment wave of Asian investors will increase in the next few years. The expert also outlines the 7 causes of the trend that Asian investors hunting for golden land to develop high-end real estate projects.

Firstly, Vietnam is a developing real estate market. In emerging markets, there are more investment opportunities than markets that have grown too long (saturation of opportunity). Real estate in many Asian countries are too expensive and the investment at the present time is not attractive in the native country has urged Asian investors poured capital into Vietnam market.

Secondly, Vietnam is a country with political stability, which is considered as the most important factor that is of international concern before entering a new market. The stable political background brings safety for investment yields in the context of global geopolitical fluctuation is increasingly unpredictable.

Third, high-end and luxury real estate in Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), is more profitable than ASEAN countries. According to a recent report of some surveyors in the country, high-end real estate in districts 1 and 3 of HCMC have a profitability ratio of more than 4%. In District 2, especially Thao Dien, An Phu and Thu Thiem areas, luxury apartments achieved a profitability rate of 5 – 6.5%.

Meanwhile, the profitability rate of investment in luxury apartments in ASEAN is fluctuating in the range of 3.7 to 5.2% and in Asia, it also has the same threshold. Therefore, luxury real estate in HCMC is considered quite competitive while the price is lower.

Fourth, Vietnam has Asian culture in accordance with the culture of other countries in the area. The similarity or proximity in culture is a very effective bridge in the process of investment promotion, investment cooperation, helping the Asian real estate owners easily access and penetrate the real estate market in Vietnam.

Fifth, Vietnam has a young population and is experiencing a spurt in income, so the demand for housing has increased sharply. The middle class, even the rich and the super-rich, are among the fastest growing groups in the world. This is a remarkable advantage of Vietnam.

With the flagship product of Asian investors, which is high-end real estate, they target rich consumers who are willing to pay for high-value assets with outstanding quality to assert their position.

Sixth, interest rates in the developed real estate markets in the Asia is very low. Interest rate in Japan is 1%, Singapore is 3%, Korea is below 2% and other regions such as Taiwan, Hong Kong is also at a modest level compared to Vietnam. This is the factor attracting the attention of investment funds and major real estate companies in Asia coming to Vietnam. In addition to developing projects with committed profit margin, they also carry out loan deals with better interest rates than in their hometowns.

Seventh, due to the same region, the moving distance between Vietnam and their home country of Asian investors is considered to be faster, more convenient than other continents. Close geography distance helps Asian investors have more opportunities to monitor, check the new market and make important decisions in time, making the most effective investment.

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