Hotel Business in Danang, Great Opportunity for Investors

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According to the Department of Tourism of Danang City, the number of tourists to Da Nang in the first 6 months of 2018 reached 4 million visitors including domestic and international ones. Currently, the city has more than 700 accommodation establishments with more than 32,000 rooms and continues to increase rapidly to meet the demand of the tourists in the future.

The number of accommodation establishments in Danang has increased by at least 10%/year to meet the growing demand of tourists. Small-scale hotels (1-2 stars), spontaneously do not get the desired profit, due to the lack of management and facilities to meet the requirements of customers. However, the medium and large accommodation (3-5 stars) is extremely attractive to tourists, because of the convenience, as well as the appropriate management, along with the services that cater to the needs of the client’s holiday, even in the season which is not the tourist season these hotels are also out of rooms.

Today, with many policies of the city to attract investment in Da Nang to set up company and business destination and building Danang to become the tourist attraction of the country, the hotel business has become a great opportunity to develop. However, in order to attract profits in the hotel business, investors need to understand the demands of customers, select the scale and how to manage effectively. In addition, now with many methods of advertising, Internet booking support, hotel management software, … will make business easier, customers and hotels can meet easily, therefore they will bring profits in the business.

At the same time, many investors are doing business in the form of condotel, combined staying with leasing, this will help investors not only make a profit in investing in the resort hotel sector but also help investors or their friends and relatives of their rest in their own room when traveling in Danang.

For many foreign investors, investing in the hotel in Da Nang is a suitable option to seek profits. Taking the opportunity and investment at this time will help investors build the reputation for customers and bring long-term benefits in the future.

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