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The Growth Trend of Vietnam Telecom Industry

Vietnam telecom industry is a major sector of the economy, contributing to the development of the whole country. This sector is promised to develop rapidly in the future. Presently, the global economic integration is the inevitable trend of the world, including Vietnam. When Vietnam opens its market and participates in the large economic organizations, the … Read More

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Game on Mobile Phone Industry in Vietnam

About 3-4 years ago, the world’s game industry is undergoing a very big transformation, witnessing the rise of mobile gaming which outperformed the traditional platforms such as PC or console. In Vietnam, the gaming industry also falls in line with the world trend, many new companies or even large organization had developed mobile game. In … Read More

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4 Types of IT Services Have to Be Licensed

Information technology is a key industry, which has always been focused on development by the Vietnam Government in order to contribute to the changing in the socio-economic system and the whole country. According to the draft decree on information technology (IT) services that the Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) is conducting the community consultation, … Read More

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The Scarcity of IT Workers in Vietnam

Within 3 years, the amount of work in the information technology (IT) sector of Vietnam has increased on average of 47% per year, but the number of worker in this sector rose by only 8% per year. In recent years, the flows of high quality Vietnamese personnel that go abroad are increasing. In the first … Read More

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Google Shows Interests in Vietnam IT Industry

E-commerce, IT and software development have been developing incredibly fast in Vietnam over the years making it potential for IT business to be set-up. With more than 93 mil of population which 52% having access to internet.  The average Vietnamese using Google to extract information from internet is three times higher than world average.  Vietnam has … Read More

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