Vietnam-Brazil Trade Dynamics: A Guide to Market Entry

The visit by Vietnam Prime Minister to Brazil in September 2023 holds significant importance for both Vietnam and Brazil in terms of economic and diplomatic relations. Here are some key points outlining Vietnam-Brazil Trade Dynamics and how Vietnam and Brazil could benefit from doing business with each other and why this visit is considered an … Read More


Set up company in Vietnam and comply

Vietnam’s economy is increasingly diversified in terms of business activities and business regulations are also constantly being improved and enhanced. Accordingly, foreign investors can freely choose the right type of business to set up company in Vietnam.  After the investors set up company in Vietnam, the continuous procedures to comply is always a matter of … Read More


Six benefits for investors to set up company in Hanoi

Along with the trend of integration in the world, Vietnam is considered a country with rapid and strong growth, in which, industrialization and modernization are focused on developing a uniform set and achieve high performance. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are considered the two cities and dynamic development in Vietnam.  The investors would choose … Read More

Set up company

Da Nang City to carry out investment promotion in 2022 in the direction of innovation, initiative, focus, and prioritize on strategic markets

In 2022, Da Nang selected the theme as “Year of safe and flexible adaptation, effective disease control and socio-economic recovery and development”. Accordingly, the city has built the Investment Promotion Program in 2022 in the direction of innovation, initiative, focus, prioritizing strategic markets for key fields (high technology, information technology, high-quality service, etc.) to attract … Read More

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Vietnam and Japan cooperate for mutual development

On November 25th, 2021, within the framework of Japan visit of Vietnamese Prime Minister – Mr. Pham Minh Chinh, the Prime Minister met the President of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). During the meeting, the Prime Minister met leaders of many large Japanese corporations, businesses and banks and signed many investment cooperation agreements between … Read More

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