Vietnam is ready to attract investment after the pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic is spreading strongly around the world, affecting the world economy. A number of countries, with efforts to prevent, gradually control the spread of the disease and are entering the stage of economic recovery after the epidemic, including Vietnam.

With efforts in disease prevention, since mid-April 2020, Vietnam has basically prevented the pandemic which form the basis for attracting investment and developing production. Among Southeast Asian countries, it is forecasted that Vietnam will still be the country with the highest GDP growth rate in 2020, so investing in Vietnam is an opportunity for both domestic and foreign investors to apply for investment registration, set up company and factory.

On May 9th, 2020, the Government of Vietnam proposed economic development plans and plans to attract investment in Vietnam after the pandemic. The Government has launched many measures to support businesses such as reducing corporate income tax for small and micro enterprises; exemption from agricultural land use tax; adjusting export and import tax to support the operation of enterprises. In addition, the Ministry of Finance will also study and propose to delay the deadline for holding the General Meeting of Shareholders by 3 months (until before September 30), reducing the deadline for information disclosure of treasury stocks (from 7 days to 1-2 days left); increase the credit limit for securities industry; allowing enterprises with foreign direct investment (FDI) if eligible to be listed on the stock market.

Currently, Vietnam’s prestige and position are highly appreciated by the international community for its success in the prevention of pandemics, which shows that Vietnam is a desirable destination for international investors in the situation. Besides, the spread of pandemic in many countries around the world are complicated. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has created new awareness in changing consumer tastes, trading with remote principles, limiting exposure, developing new online businesses based on digital economy, pharmaceutical chemicals, e-logistics, etc. this case will give international investors many market opportunities when investing in Vietnam.

In order to seize the opportunity to welcome the wave of investment in Vietnam, the Government of Vietnam has devised many plans to attract and support investment, in order to help foreign investors can shift their investment to Vietnam in this time for applying for investment registration and business registration, to set up company and factory. In the coming time, with the prevention efforts and the plan to attract investment, Vietnam is expected to be a safe destination both for the health and economy of international investors.

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