Vietnam Expects to Attract High Quality Capital Flow from Sweden

The interest of Swedish investors is opening the future for a new wave of investment from this country to invest in Vietnam.

Although being one of the earliest investor communities present in Vietnam, it is not until recent years that the names of enterprises from Sweden really caught the attention.

If before, when talking about Swedish investment, one could know ABB Group, a corporation established in Vietnam since 1993, which has a factory and focuses on 4 main areas which are electrical products, robotization, automatic technology and power grid. Or another case is Electrolux, Ericsson…

Now, with the rapid opening of the domestic market, the brands from Sweden have become more and more familiar. Referring to Sweden, consumers can now spot famous and familiar brands such as Skype voice and messaging software, H&M fashion brands, IKEA furniture, and Tetra Park in the industrial sector with milk and soft drinks packaging products…

And it is impossible not to mention a brand that is considered a symbol of this country, which is the luxury car brand Volvo. Only started to enter the market of imported luxury cars in Vietnam in recent years, but this brand has quickly attracted the great attention of the middle class in the country.

According to the Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam, Volvo is a symbol, or an important milestone in the promising relationship between Sweden and Vietnam. Although trade or investment turnover between the two countries is still modest, it still increases steadily, similar to the interest of Swedish enterprises for investment and production in Vietnam.

The rapid increase in brands or capital inflows from this Nordic country is even more apparent when looking at statistics.

If the third quarter of 2017, accumulated investment from Sweden into Vietnam only reached over 100 million USD, with Tetra Pak’s new factory with scale of 110 million USD, this capital doubled at the end of the year. Until now, after only one and a half years, this investment has reached 365 million USD, an increase of 3.5 times.

It can be seen that the investment picture of Sweden has changed dramatically and along with that, Vietnam is becoming more and more attractive in the eyes of this nation’s investors and businesses.

The presence of hundreds of large enterprises and leaders of the two countries, the presence of Victoria’s successor Princess, Prince Daniel, Royal Swedish representative at the Vietnam – Sweden Business Summit was held on May 7th 2019 is the clearest evidence for the potential for cooperation in investment and trade between the two countries.

The event was evaluated as a great opportunity for representatives of the top businesses and leaders of the two countries to exchange views, ideas, experiences and share best practices towards mutual benefits.

Speaking at the Conference, the Swedish Minister of Foreign Trade acknowledged there are many reasons to look for current trade and business opportunities in Vietnam, such as high economic growth, the growing middle class, the market opens through many free trade agreements, dynamic business ecosystems…

It is easy to see that Sweden’s investment has increased rapidly over the past time, but has focused heavily on the consumer sector. Therefore, with the appearance of 50 leading Swedish enterprises this time, Swedish capital will join more strongly in Vietnam in the fields of health, transportation, green production and start-up.

Vietnam is starting to embrace a new wave of investment in high-tech fields, areas of high added value and innovation.

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