UJU Vina Inaugurates Electronic Component Factory in Vinh Phuc

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UJU Vina Co., Ltd is one of the foreign investors who set up factory in Vietnam. Recently, they inaugurated their second factory with total investment of 9.2 million USD, producing electronic components. The factory was started construction in December 2016.

UJU Vina Co., Ltd., under UJU Electronics Corporation Korea, was established in June 2013 and officially came into operation in 2014, with total investment of over 20 million USD. The company specializes in manufacturing electronic components for the production and assembly of mobile phones, televisions, computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), cars.

After 3 years operating in Vinh Phuc, UJU Vina has raised the investment capital to 25 million USD, creating jobs for nearly 1,000 employees, revenue from export reached nearly 10 million USD per year.

For the purpose of expanding production, in December 2016, the second factory was started construction with total investment of 9.2 million.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Chairman of Vinh Phuc People’s Committee congratulated UJU Vina Co., Ltd for completing the construction of the second factory, praising and appreciating the efforts of the Company‚Äôs Board of Directors and all employees strive for the factory to be built on schedule, soon put into operation.

In addition, the Chairman also wishes, UJU Vina Co., Ltd will continue to interest, introduce and become a bridge, helping Korean investors to know the potential and advantages when investing in Vinh Phuc.

Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee requested all levels and sectors of the province continue to pay attention to create the best conditions for companies to operate in production and business activities with high efficiency.

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