The advantages of attracting FDI to Vietnam in 2021

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In 2020, due to the impact of the covid-19 epidemic, the global supply chain will be seriously affected. Besides, the effects of the US-China trade war, the shift of production out of China took place quickly. In which, there are four areas that corporations tend to shift to Vietnam to set up company and make investment are information technology and high technology, electronic equipment, e-commerce and logistics, consumer goods, and retail.

Some big global corporations have started recruiting, searching for supply chains, and Vietnam is one of the destinations in the transition to other countries in the region such as Indonesia, Thailand, or Malaysia.

Vietnam, with the advantage of being close to China, is favorable for the movement of investment and machinery. Besides, having policies to attract FDI from Vietnam will make it easier for international investors to transfer investment.

At the same time, Vietnam also participates in many Free Trade Agreements such as CPTPP, EVFTA, etc. that facilitate trade relations with many countries and regions in the world, which will make cooperation more favorable. In addition, the stability in the value of Vietnam currency is also a strong point in attracting international investment.

As the report of a famous industrial real estate brokerage firm, data comparing occupancy rates and rental rates of industrial zones in Southeast Asian countries in the first quarter shows that Vietnam has an average rental rate of 45-50% lower than in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. According to a report in 2019, Vietnam’s labor costs are also lower than that of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, in addition, the labor force in Vietnam is increasingly abundant and the quality of labor is increasing.

Regarding electricity prices, according to EVN, comparing electricity prices in 2019 of Vietnam compared to other countries in the region, according to statistics, shows that electricity prices in Vietnam reach 80% compared to electricity prices of Indonesia; 42.1% of the electricity price of the Philippines and 66.7% of the electricity price of Cambodia.

In addition, with the application of supportive policies such as reduction of corporate income tax, import and export tax, land rental assistance, labor supply, and administrative procedures, Vietnam deserves to become be best investment destination in the world, for international companies to make investment, establish company and obtain investment registration certificate.

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