Shinhwa Group E&E (Korea) Invested in Solar Water Project in Quang Tri

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Shinhwa E&E Co., Ltd (Korea) has conducted the survey and agreed to select the location of Trieu Thuong 1 and Trieu Thuong 2 lakes (Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province) to implement two energy projects sun on the water in Quang Tri Province.

On January 24th, Shinhwa E&E Co., Ltd (Korea) had a meeting with Quang Tri People’s Committee on the occasion when the delegation come to explore opportunities for cooperation and investment in solar projects on the water in the province.

At the meeting, Shinhwa E&E Co., Ltd said that earlier, through the survey, the delegation has basically agreed to choose the location is Trieu Thuong 1 lake with a water surface of 35 hectares, which is expected to construct the solar power projects on the water with capacity of 20 MW; the Trieu Thuong 2 lake area with a water surface of 56 ha is expected to construct the solar power project on the water with capacity of 30 MW. Shinhwa E&E is expected to launch the project in two lakes Trieu Thuong 1 and 2.

Speaking at the meeting, the Vice Chairman of Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee said that this is an interesting field. If Shinwa E&E Co., Ltd intends to invest, the province is very welcome and willing to create every favorable condition for the company to survey and implement the project.

Vice President Nguyen Quan Chinh assigned the Department of Industry and Trade to support Shinhwa E&E Company in the process of researching to implement the next steps in accordance with the law of Vietnam.

Also at the meeting, the two sides have signed a memorandum of understanding on the implementation coordination of solar power projects on the water in Quang Tri province. Accordingly, Shinhwa E&E Co., Ltd will study the investment location of solar power projects on the water in order to compile the supplementary plan of the project into the electricity planning of Quang Tri province. Moreover, Shinhwa E&E Co., Ltd is responsible for all expenses related to the survey, technical report and project development.

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