Resort Real Estate Segment Flourishes with New Projects

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2016 is identified as a good year for the resort real estate segment with a series of new launching projects to attract the attention of both investors and consumers. In particular, the real estate projects located in the sea area are attractive to consumers who want to own a second home to serve the needs of pleasure. From the end of 2015, there were many resort real estate projects that are introduced to the market.

According to statistics, the sales volume of apartment and villa are very good, with 70-80% of the launched units were ordered. The amount of people interested in the projects and decide to buy is increasing, thanks to the incentive sales policy, profit commitments from investors, support for preferential interest loans from the cooperative banks with the investor and can use the house for free for a certain period.

Many wealthy families share that they would like to own a coastal apartment or villa because the demand for resort tourism is increasing sharply. Moreover, foreign investors see that resort real estate segment in Vietnam is rich in potential with many famous tourist resorts and long beautiful beaches. The loosening policy allows foreigners to buy and own real estate in Vietnam is also a positive move to promote the demand of many investors jumping into this playground although there are still many difficulties in policy implementation

Currently, many domestic enterprises began to invest into the resort real estate segment, which is an inevitable trend of the market. For about 10 recent years, resort real estate has been formed and attracted the attention of investors. Some domestic investors have experienced successfully in other segments also expanded into this segment. Most of the projects are in the luxury and high-end segments such as beach villa. On the other hand, according to experts, if we can build resort real estate products at a reasonable price, the liquidity will be very good.

Vietnam has the potential for tourism therefore resort real estate is a good investment channel. Investing in an area with great potential for tourism and large amount of passenger traffic would have faster payback than the places that tourism does not develop. At the present, Vietnam has a lot of large investors as Vingroup and Sungroup… are capable to invest in large-scale resort projects. At the same time, the market is also attracting a lot of foreign investors with good financial capability and ability to invest quickly.

Currently the coastal cities like Da Nang, Nha Trang and Phu Quoc are 3 hotspots in attracting capital investments in resort real estate segment. In terms of location, these coastal cities have the potential to attract investors the most because they are also the famous tourist destination that attracting millions of tourists each year.

2016 is the year of resort real estate segment. The projects in this segment stretch from the sea to the mountain and Sapa is a typical example. Many large investors as Vingroup or Sun Group have been implementing major investment projects here.

Only in 2015, Sa Pa tourism has welcomed nearly 2 million passengers, increased by 42.2% compared with 2014. Currently, the number of tourists visiting Sapa is large and has always had a tendency to increase. While the demand for luxury resort services continues to rise, the supply is limited. Hence, this is a good opportunity to develop the resort real estate segment in this dreamy mountain city.

Resort real estate has opportunity to develop rapidly thanks to the development in transport infrastructure such as airport, highway and cable car system… allowing the movement of tourists to be convenient and easy.

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