Korean Investors Interested in Vietnam Stock Market

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Came to Vietnam this time, the Korea Financial Investment Association included CEOs of many securities companies, fund management companies with managed capital flows of about 350 billion USD.

At the workshop named “Capital market and prospects for investment cooperation between Vietnam – Korea”, organized by Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE) and the Korea Financial Investment Association, many investors expressed their interest in Vietnam’s exchange traded funds (ETF), the obstacles that these funds may be encountered when listed on the Korean stock market, or the opportunities to invest in state owned enterprises (SOE) that are about to be equitized and divested.

According to the Chairman of HOSE, as of the beginning of December 2015, Vietnam financial market has 34 legal entities which are branches and offices of Korean companies that are operating, supplying a variety of services, create excitement and enhance the value added to the market.

In recent years, the authorities have taken many ways to attract foreign investors such as loosening room, promoting the equitization of SOE, launched new products, efforts to improve the market… thereby creating attractiveness and long-term potential for Vietnam stock market, which opens up attractive investment opportunities for these investors.

The workshop is expected to provide more information, introduce potential areas with different views for Korean investors.

According to the President of the Korea Financial Investment Association, annually, the Association often organizes visits to financial agencies in many different countries to learn about investment demand. This year, the delegation come to Vietnam are all the CEOs of the securities companies, fund management companies with managed capital flows of about 350 billion VND.

The reasons for choosing Vietnam of the Association to be the destination to explore investment opportunities because Vietnam is getting more attention from international investors, especially when TPP was signed and Vietnam is also member of Asean Economic Community.

In addition, the Government of Vietnam is making efforts to improve the investment environment, this is the foundation for Vietnam’s economy to develop and become an attractive destination.

Korean investors at the workshop expressed their interest in Vietnam stock market, especially investor structure, the number of listed companies, the number of fund management companies, establishing pension fund, listing the ETF Vietnam on the Korea stock market and investment opportunities to invest in SOE that are about to equitized and divested.

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