Progress of Solar Power Plant Projects Approval up to June 2019

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It appears that the implementation plan of national power has revealed a number of difficulties and limitations. In particular, many power projects have encountered slow progress compared with the plan, especially power projects in the South such as Long Phu I, Long Phu II, Song Hau I, Song Hau II, Vinh Tan III …

The development of coal-fired thermal power sources is facing the increasing demand for environmental protection as well as the requirement of import infrastructure, coal supply for factories.  Accordingly, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has to report the situation of development of solar plant project to the Prime Minister for monitoring and encouragement with goal of development of sustainable energy supply.

The government would consider getting more solar power plant projects added to the national power development plan, with consideration to fairness and transparency in planning management, ensuring the suitability of power supply requirements, grid connection possibility and the effectiveness of use of land for power projects.

In the coming period, the National Power Development Plan will be supplemented only in the revised National Power Plan VII for the solar power plant projects completed the appraisal and approval stages, including the BIM2 solar power plants (250MW) in Ninh Thuan Province, Phu My (330MW) in Binh Dinh Province.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is responsible for the appraisal of the solar power project, especially the calculation determining the necessity to supplement the adjusted National Power Plan VII, the capacity of the projects, the feasibility of to make investment in construction and conformity with the current provisions of law on the solar power development.

According to the report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the total capacity of the solar power projects approved in addition to the power development plan reaches over 3,000 MW in  70 projects to be put into operation before June 2019 which has far exceeded the projected plan of solar power development expected to 2020 in the National Power Development Plan VII, which was adjusted by the Prime Minister.

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