Korea Convenience Store Chain Presented in Vietnam

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In September 2016, the two first Ilahui stores in Vietnam have opened in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in the form of franchise.

According to Ilahui brand manager in Vietnam, in the fourth quarter of 2016, this brand will expand to 6 – 8 stores to serve the needs of customers both throughout the country. In the next 5 years, Ilahui will have at least 200 stores spreading across the provinces of Vietnam.

With the advantages of products and prices are updated, diverse in types and designs with elegant shopping space, the company expects this will be a new business model with strong penetration step into Vietnam retail market.

According to Nielsen Vietnam – a market research firm, among 93 million people of Vietnam, there are nearly 60% of the population are under 35 years old. The income of this class has also increased from 433 USD per person per year (in 2000) to 2,111 USD per person per year (in 2015). Vietnamese consumers also have demand to enjoy new and quality shopping experiences.

That is the reason leading to the explosion of the Vietnam retail market in recent years, especially the chain of convenience stores, which significantly including Family Mart, MiniStop, B’s Mart, Circle K, Shop & Go, Vinmart Plus and 7-Eleven… Now we have Ilahui – convenience store chain specializing in Korean style utilities items and fashion accessories in Hanoi and HCMC.

Ilahui strengths are Korean style utility items and fashion accessories, which are interested by Vietnam young people. With more than 3,000 products; 20,000 -25,000 products on shelves at a price from 10,000 VND; 100 new products every month with all types from men/women fashion, accessories, toys, stationery, home appliances, electronic accessories, cosmetics… bringing to customers many choices in terms of models and pricing. Besides, the new trends, fashion accessories that are favored by Korean idols will be updated quickly in Ilahui.

Besides customers are young people aged 15 – 35 years old, Ilahui also owns large numbers of customers over 35 years old who have modern spending habits, preferred the products with good designs and competitive price… All of them have created competitive advantage for Ilahui comparing with other convenience stores chain in the market.

Furthermore, Ilahui also target the personality of today’s youth through creating new style of shopping experience with simply but modern decorated space. The fashion accessories and cosmetics products are packaged in cute and colorful packaging. The number of products is a lot but they are sorted neatly on wooden shelves.

According to representative of Ilahui Vietnam, the Vietnam retail market is booming and the competition will become fiercer. High success rate along with the increasing openness of the market have led the franchise to become the investment plan that is interested by a lot of young Vietnamese people.

Ilahui is the convenience stores chain specializing in Korean style fashion accessories, which is expanding very fast in Asia with more than 500 stores within a year. Despite many challenges but with the advantages in product, distinct market segments and new shopping style, Ilahui is believed to have steady steps to conquer Vietnamese customers.

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