How to conduct research in Vietnam from official media source?

The media is an effective source for us to search necessary information for learning, business activities or for daily life. However, with the development of the Internet, communication has a stronger influence and is the leading tool that we often use to find information.

Using Internet for adverse media screening in Vietnam

Besides the benefits that the media brings, the media might be abused to pose many risks for users. Therefore, how to find official information in the media source is a topic of concern for many people, whom wish to search i.e. reputation of business partners, record of business owners, shareholders, employee background check, background check on company, public information of company or individual, actual business operation of company, government policies, regulatory matters…

Using Internet to verify media sources in Vietnam?

It is increasingly important to check sources of information, especially on the internet and using social media. Any individual joining a media network, social network can post any contents and share information, even if the information may be false. In fact, images and videos can also be plagiarized, mislabeled, or fabricated to convey information. Meanwhile, when users do not have time to learn and verify the source of false information and the fact that this information is not censored, it can spread quickly in the mass media.

Therefore, to avoid accessing or searching for fake news, users should not rely on all the information on social networks. Accordingly, users should check trusted news websites or government websites. In addition, users can check the author, title or name of the agency or organization that wrote or published information and articles. Users will then have an initial assessment of whether they are eligible to post and can trust what they have posted.

Further, before sharing a post on social network platforms, users should check if it is reliable and authentic information. However, on social network, it is not easy for users to authenticate information within a short period of time. The best way is that users should get direct information from contacting an agency or expert in this field or refer to reports and content of a reputable news site.

How risk consultant in Vietnam could help adverse media screening in Vietnam?

In addition, users should rely on organizations that specialize in field in which the user is looking for information. For examples, if the a person is having health problems and wish to consult the instructions or recommendations on where to go for medical treatment, the user should call a medical facility for guidance and advice from experts or visit the website of the Ministry of Health for the most official and reliable information. Or a foreigners whom wish to find government policy or information for travel and entry for immigration during Covid-19 pandemic time, he/she can contact or visit the website of the relevant Vietnam Immigration Department.

One problem today is that fake channels are trying to design the interface to have a similar look like official websites and insert characters that if not alerted users can easily confuse. Therefore, users should carefully check the website address from which they get information.

In conclusion, it is important for media users to watch out for official and stay away from fake news when searching for information.  In addition to being vigilant and looking for official sources to get information, users can contact information search consulting company in Vietnam for effective solutions.

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