Binh Dinh: German Investors Want to Build A Wind Farm, Korean Businesses Interested in Assembling Cars

In the last days of August and early September 2020, many potential investors from Korea and Germany have come to study opportunities to set up company and invest in Vietnam and specifically Binh Dinh province to explore investment opportunities, with billion USD projects.

At the meeting of the departments of Binh Dinh province with leaders of Hyundai Aluminum Vina Company and Cammsys Company of Korea coming to explore investment opportunities in this province, according to representatives of Cammsys Company, the company wants to find a suitable partner to develop and assemble electric cars and ready to transfer production technology to develop electric car in Vietnam market.

Through a field survey in Binh Dinh, the Company highly appreciates the infrastructure, traffic connection of the province with the region and the world, and wishes to cooperate with the development of projects to supply electric cars for the regions, tourist resort and production association of this vehicle in the province.

Meanwhile, the representative of Hyundai Aluminum Vina Company with the cooperation in Vietnam has been 14 years now; Total investment capital of the Company’s projects in Vietnam is up to 5 billion USD in many different fields. On this occasion, when coming to Binh Dinh province, Hyundai Aluminum Vina Company hopes to find a clean space with an area of about 200 hectares to invest in the infrastructure of the high-tech industrial park. If found a suitable position and approved for investment, the company will call and attract about 60 Korean investors to come and do business.

Binh Dinh has Quy Nhon Port which is the most convenient international trade gateway of the Central Highlands region and the province of southern Laos, northeastern Cambodia to countries around the world. In addition, the province also has a complete transportation system and infrastructure connecting air, road and railway, with direct flights to Korea. In addition, Binh Dinh is always and ready to support and create favorable conditions for mechanisms and policies, reform of administrative procedures, and support for investors.

In terms of German investor, Director of the High-Level Offshore Wind Power Project – PNE Group proposed to develop an offshore wind power park in Binh Dinh province with a total investment of 1.5 billion USD. This is one of the investors with more than 20 years of experience developing onshore and offshore wind power projects in Germany. At the same time, learning about mechanisms and policies to encourage wind energy development in Binh Dinh and the process of developing and approving wind power projects in Vietnam.

The group’s leaders believe that the implementation of the wind power park project in Binh Dinh province will make Vietnam become a competitive wind power supplier in the region and globally, contributing to the completion of sustainable development goals and the goals set out in the Vietnam Renewable Energy Development Strategy to 2030, with a vision to 2050, approved by the Prime Minister.

Vice Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee welcomed the PNE Group for their interest in researching and proposing project investment in the province; At the same time, commiting to create the most favorable conditions for investors during the project implementation.

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