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Why is it necessary to verify business partners when entering the Vietnam market?

The verification of business information of partners in Vietnam about legal status, financial capacity, technology, reputation, and experience is important but often overlooked by foreign companies seeking investment partners, or business cooperation partners in Vietnam. If done systematically, the verification and evaluation of partners’ business information for the purpose of trading goods, or investment or … Read More

Corporate Information Search

Vietnam Market Research

Market research is an important operation. If the market research is well done, it provides accurate information to help marketers make an appropriate strategy and then, bring high efficiency in business. In other words, if the result of market research is inaccurate information and does not correctly reflect the actual market situation, marketing activities will … Read More

How to Enter Financial Services Market in Vietnam

As the Vietnam economy continues to grow, financial services as well grows to keep up.  When most parts of the world were hit by global financial crisis in 2009, Vietnam was one of a few that enjoyed positive growth rate and HSBC in its Vietnam monitor issue volume 28 projected 7.2% growth in 2010. The … Read More

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