Why should you need to research the partner before signing the contract?

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It is important to find and work with a capable and long-term partner to build confidence doing business in a safely and effectively way for all parties, and avoid potential risks. In order to be guaranteed their legitimate rights and interests, individuals and organizations conducting business need to have a clear understanding of their partner before cooperating, in order to start their business cooperation most effectively.

In cooperation with a partner lawfully established in Vietnam, individuals and enterprises could find out information that has been registered at the competent state agencies. Accordingly, information about the owner, legal representative, business lines, head office address, tax code, charter capital, founding shareholder, business registration certificate, corporate history of the last three to five years, the latest business registration information, etc. could be checked on the National business registration information system. The registered information is the official information, valuable to determine the authority, position and responsibility of organizations and individuals if there is a mistake in the operation.

In addition, to find out if an individual is an owner, manager or capital contributor of one or more enterprises in Vietnam, organizations and individuals can also check the information registered in the National business registration information system. If an individual owns, manages, or contribute capital to any business lawfully established in Vietnam within 3 years, it will be recorded. This is the information which helps the organization and individual to verify the truth of information provided by their partner.

In addition, information related to the protection of trademarks of enterprises that have been protected in Vietnam, enterprises and individuals can also be found on the website of NOIP before cooperating.

The information that has been registered at the competent authority, these are basic and public information, so businesses and individuals can search. However, in the course of operation, a number of enterprises have been carrying out illegal activities that are not recorded on the registered information. Therefore, fact checking or finding out at other sources of information for an enterprise is essential to avoid cooperating with a party who is not capable of doing business.

Many businesses and individuals neglect their partner information before signing contracts. During the implementation of the contract, these partners were not able to continue to perform the contract, leading to many negative impacts on the business of the business. In addition, there are partners that commit fraud, provide inaccurate information, in order to appropriate assets of businesses and individuals through the signing of sales contracts. This makes businesses and individuals take a lot of time and effort to reclaim lost assets, affecting their business.

Searching the information of the partners before cooperating is very essential when doing business in any case so that businesses and individuals can cooperate in a long term. Cooperation with a good partner can help businesses and individuals achieve economic benefits, save time and costs in business, thereby bringing the best profit for themselves.

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