Large Amount of Australian Beef is Coming to Vietnam after TPP

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Recently, not only large quantities of frozen beef are imported to Vietnam but also live cows are increasingly imported including non-quota and quota ways.

Imported cows were recorded at most from the Australian market. In 2012, there are about 3,500 cows, then rise to 70,000 cows in 2013 and 170,000 cows in 2014. This year, though there has not official figures, but the imported quantities will not decrease compared to the previous years.

There are so many large enterprises participating in the slaughtering supply chain and distributing to markets and commercial centers in provinces throughout the country so they will import a large amounts.

This is a not-protected-industry. Raising buffalo and cow in Vietnam is not the main income of many households, then this fact should not affect too much on the livelihoods of farmers. Only frozen beef industry will bear the heaviest damage when Vietnam joining in TPP.

With frozen chicken and pork, after entering the TPP, the market for imported chicken will have shifting from Brazil to the US, and pork from Denmark, Spain to the US, Canada because Vietnam enjoys preferential tax from TPP member countries.

For the consumption of frozen products, most of the imported cattle and poultry are using in the collective kitchens, industrial zones… Consumers also use but not a significant amount. Therefore, the objects that are affected after these products are massively imported to Vietnam are aquaculture farmers with large-scale production.

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