Benefits of Setting Up Company in Hanoi

Along with the trend of integration in the world, Vietnam is considered a country with rapid and strong growth, in which, industrialization and modernization are focused on developing a uniform set and achieve high performance. Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are considered the two cities and dynamic development in Vietnam.

In particular, Hanoi, the potential capital for developing and attracting foreign and domestic investment. Therefore, the investment from businesses to the city is seen as an advantage and the best. To evaluate how such advantages are, the following article will analyze in detail as follows:

First, the labor force

Hanoi is considered a capital with a longstanding historical developed tradition. The population is heavily crowded, reaching about 7 million after 4 times of adjusting the administrative boundaries in 2014. Ha Noi has become one of the 17 largest cities in the world. In addition, with favorable conditions, Hanoi is considered an attractive city for labor, especially qualified and highly skilled workforce. This is a particular advantage for businesses to invest in Hanoi, because the amount of labor leads to a consequence that cost for labor is cheap and a large workforce will provide for industries requiring a large amount of labor force.

Second, the pace of economic development

In 2014, the economy of Hanoi has continued to grow and controlled inflation. In addtion, GDP in the province is estimated at 8.8% and revenue is estimated at 130.000 billion, with 103% of the mathematics. Besides, administrative reform, improvement on the investment environment, business environment, policies to remove difficulties for enterprises often deploy, which made PAR index of cities rise 2 levels compared with 2012 and No. 5 of the 63 provinces and cities nationwide. Thus, with the stable and strong economic development, Hanoi is a city that brings stability for businesses to invest and develop business in this city.

Thirdly, facility

With the aim of developing Hanoi based on critirea of synchronous and modern infrastructure, leadership of Hanoi has attempted to offer policies to promote infrastructure construction of the city in order that Hanoi will become more modern, in which, the traffic system in Hanoi must be built and upgrades more modern. This is considered particularly advantage, because the synchronous development of infrastructure will bring to the development of economy of the city.

Fourthly, administrative and tax policies

With attractive policies for investment, Hanoi has implemented policies solving administrative procedures with only a door. This policy is seen as a new step forward the people of Hanoi in general and businesses having demand to invest in Hanoi in particular. With this open policy, the procedures for establishing businesses, dissolution, business transformation become quickly and easily than ever before, creat favorable conditions for the development of business and resolve administrative procedures. In addition, in order to facilitate business development for businesses, Hanoi has many policies to reduce taxes in order to create favorable conditions for development of new business with low capital.

Fifthly, geographic location

Judged to be a convenient location, with synchronous traffic system, a northern – southern railway, highway 1A, along with the expanded domestic and international routes, Hanoi is considered a city with the most convenient trade location in Southeast Asia and the gateway to the East Sea of Laos and other countries. Thus, Hanoi is the right choice of businesses that need an exchange between domestic and international provinces.

Sixthly, broad market

With the population of 7 million, belonging to one of the 17 cities with the largest population in the world, Hanoi is considered a city which has the largest consumer goods market in the country. Abundant work force, along with the large number of people from suburbs, strong demand for consumer products, services lead to favorable conditions for businesses in production and consumption of consumer products and services. These come from a reason that if the demand rises, the number of products will also lead to increase and as a consequence, economic growth of enterprises will also increase. It can be said that this is a particular strength of the city that businesses investing here are looking forward. From the analysis given above, it can be said that Hanoi is considered to be an attractive destination for small and medium enterprises, especially for enterprises with foreign investment into the Vietnam market. To better understand how to establish enterprises and choose the best type of enterprise, ANT Consulting is honored to be served our customers and provide the best services for customers. We hope cooperation from you.

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