Quang Nam Province Welcomes Foreign Investors

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In 2017, Quang Nam province is expected to continue to become the bright spot of the central region on investment attraction, welcoming foreign enterprises to come and invest in Vietnam.

In fact, Quang Nam province is an ideal destination for investors at home and abroad. There were presence and long-term commitment of the major investors such as Truong Hai Auto, Suntory – Pepsico, Vietnam Brewery VBL, Inax sanitary equipment, Groz-Beckert textile equipment and famous travel brands such as The Nam Hai, Montgomerie Links golf course, Victoria, GoldenSand, Palm Garden…

Compared to many localities, Quang Nam has great advantages in attracting investment. Firstly, the province has strategic geographical location with an area of 10,438 km2, located in the middle of Vietnam, belongs to the key economic zone in central Vietnam. The north bordering on Da Nang – the commercial, services and training centers of Central region; the south bordering on Quang Ngai province; the west bordering on Laos; located on the East – West Economic Corridor, convenient for road transportation to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and sea transportation to other countries of the ASEAN region.

The strategic location, plus complete transportation infrastructure with many kinds of road, railway, airline, sea belong to the national and international traffic routes, creating favorable conditions for Quang Nam province to attract major investors in the world.

As reported by the People’s Committee of Quang Nam province, the province currently has 8 industrial zones and 50 industrial clusters. The industrial parks and industrial clusters are located on the main traffic routes, with large area. The infrastructure and telecommunications utility are fully meet the needs of investment projects. As for waste water treatment system, most industrial zones in the province of Quang Nam have wastewater treatment systems; solid waste treatment collection systems as prescribed.

In addition, the social infrastructure and other utility services such as schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks in the province of Quang Nam are basically meet the needs of investors and citizens. As reported by the Department of Culture – Sports and Tourism of Quang Nam province, there are more than 5,436 hotel rooms that satisfy international standard, including many major brands (concentrated in coastal areas), contributing to bring Quang Nam to become an attractive tourism destination of the central region.

So far, Quang Nam has attracted 126 FDI projects with total registered capital of 5.5 billion USD from investors from around the world such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, US, China, France, Germany, Italy…

In the long term, Quang Nam focus on attracting investment projects in economic sectors that the province has many advantages such as supporting industries (mechanical manufacturing, automobile, electronics…); processing industry of consumer goods, household goods, agriculture, forestry and fisheries products, construction materials; the agricultural sector (high-tech agriculture, cultivation and processing of agricultural products …); the field of tourism, services, urban (ecology urban areas, coastal and riverside luxury resorts, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets…), training of human resources; the investment, construction and trading of infrastructure of industrial parks, industrial clusters.

Another highlight of the investment attraction policies of the province is that the investors have the full right to choose and decide to implement the project in the appropriate investment model. Moreover, investors are given the investment incentives stipulated by the Government, including the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone and 15/18 districts in the list of investment incentives stipulated by the Government on the premises, corporate income tax and import tax…

According to the Public Administration and Investment Promotion Center of Quang Nam Province, the newly established enterprises from investment projects in difficult economic condition areas in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone; investment projects in the fields of high-tech agriculture, scientific research, technological development, education and training, vocational training, environment… will be applied the corporate income tax rate of 10% for 15 years since the taxable income arises; ; are exempt from corporate income tax for 4 years and reduce 50% of the tax payable in the next 9 years.

Enterprises investing in the industrial zones in such districts as Duy Xuyen, Dai Loc, Que Son and Phu Ninh are applied the corporate income tax rate of 17% for 10 years, are exempt from corporate income tax and reduction of 50% tax payable in the next 4 years.

Also, Quang Nam also apply competitive prices and depending on land investment sectors, projects may be exempted from land rent during 11 years, 15 years or during the term of the project. In addition to the general provisions, the large-scale projects with important implications and will be coordinated with your PPC investment research applied to the Government for specific policies.

Also, Quang Nam province also apply competitive land prices and depending on investment sectors, projects may be exempted from land rent for 11 years, 15 years or during the implementation of the project. In addition to the general provisions, for the large-scale projects with important implications, the Provincial People’s Committees will coordinate with investors to study and submit to the Government for specific policies.

According to the Quang Nam People’s Committee Chairman, in the trend of deeper integration, Quang Nam is constantly developing, changing appearance, became the land of potential and investment opportunities. Many synchronous solutions are being implemented to improve the investment environment, which focused on administrative reform. In particular, the introduction of the Public Administration and Investment Promotion Center of Quang Nam Province, with flexible and quick mechanisms, have demonstrated the determination to build friendly image of Quang Nam province, becoming the reliable destination for investors.

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