FDI in the first 6 months of 2012.

The registered capital for new and additional reach 6384 million USD. Japan ranked the 1st in the list of countries that investing in Vietnam. In only 6 months of 2012, Japan poured in Vietnam 4159 million USD, accounting for 65% of total capital attraction Binh Duong province ranked the 1st in the list of province … [Read more…]

European FDI to Vietnam may soon rise again

This is the information that Ambassador Franz Jessen, Head of EU delegation in Vietnam raised during the interview of Bloomberg financial news agency. EU is the fourth largest investor in Vietnam in 2011, with contracted FDI reached 1.77 billion USD, accounting for more than 12% of committed capital to Vietnam last year – according to … [Read more…]

Ceremony of the largest FDI capital investment in Haiphong.

Hoa Vu, ANT Consulting On Jul 2nd, in Dinh Vu Industrial Zone (Hai Phong) the ceremony for construction of the Bridgestone project of Japanese investors was held. The project was built on an area of ​​102.43 ha, with an investment of nearly USD 575 million. Officially licensed from Feb 1st, 2012, the project has been … [Read more…]

Vietnam ranked 22 on the heat of the economy.

Hoa Nguyen, ANT Consulting World Bank has just announced the semi-annually global economic outlook report forecast for the growth of economies worldwide. Accordingly, based on predictions of economic growth within 2 years of the World Bank, Vietnam was ranked 22nd in the rankings of the hottest economies in the world today. World Bank said that … [Read more…]