Billionaire Richard Branson Comes to Vietnam

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Richard Branson, the 65-year-old British billionaire was the special speaker at the two-day workshop on September 12th – 13th in Ho Chi Minh City. He shared his entrepreneurship journey along with the thinking “Screw it, let’s do it”. This is the famous words of Richard Branson, demonstrating the spirit of innovative, willing to accept new things and take risks with new ideas. “Screw it, let’s do it” is also the title of his own book, later be translated into Vietnamese.

Along with billionaire Richard Branson, the workshop had the participation of speakers that are the world famous financier, entrepreneur as Adam Khoo – Singapore millionaire, US millionaire – Kane Minkus, feng shui expert – Joey Jap.

Richard Branson is one of the most successful businessmen of England and is a symbol of entrepreneurship. Along with the legendaries as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Warren Buffet, Richard Branson is one of the influential businessmen in the world. His lifestyle and career have always been interested in a special way by the media and those who are on the way starting up.

At the workshop, he introduced the story of his difficult start-up way. Richard’s career came from the discomfort. At that time, he was very upset because there is no way to go to a small island that he likes, and then he determined to open an airline company to help him do that. Richard is the one who owns many companies in the world but very close to people. He transmitted the inspiration to people to be ready to confront with the challenges and be optimistic about life, nature and people. Richard Branson is seen as the 1st world billionaire go to Vietnam for the first time to give a speech. Previously, some billionaires like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg… also came to Vietnam but as business trip or personal travel.

Mr. Branson owns the property portfolio worth 5 billion USD, ranking 330 in the list of billionaires in the world and the 12th richest person in UK. He cared for the Virgin brand and make money primarily from charging dozens of companies to own this brand name, not by investment returns. Therefore, he is considered as the symbol of entrepreneurship around the world, including Vietnam.

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