M&A origination & execution

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We advise strategic and financial investors on both, origination and execution of acquisitions, divestments and carve-outs.

M&A origination

We assist client to identify horizontal M&A opportunities (in-market consolidation, new market entry, market exit) as well as vertical M&A potentials (vertical integration or disintegration).
Our M&A origination engagements can be split into two distinct categories:

Ad-hoc analysis and evaluation of potential targets

We perform appraisals of targets focusing on market potential, industry dynamics, valuation, transaction rationale, risk assessment and deal structuring. Based on our recommendations our clients can make well-informed decisions whether or not to pursue M&A transactions.

Fully fledged M&A origination

Based on our clients’ core competencies and business objectives, we develop a comprehensive M&A strategy covering: in-depth evaluation of markets and industries, appropriate investment criteria development, a long list of potential targets/buyers, preliminary valuations, transaction rationale and approach strategy.

M&A execution

We could assist client in executing both acquisitions and divestments. We believe that every M&A transaction is unique and hence demands bespoke process taking all critical factors into consideration:

Our M&A execution engagements typically cover the following activities:

  • project management of an entire transaction,
  • coordination of daily activities during every step of a transaction process (internal preparation, initial evaluation, non-binding offer, due diligence, binding offer, negotiation, signing and closing),
  • coordination of clients’ internal resources and external advisors,
  • deal tactics development,
  • valuation and financial modeling,
  • development of internal documentation (board presentations),
  • negotiation assistance.

In case of divestments, we also perform the following activities:

  • internal and external processes structuring and planning,
  • preparation of an asset for sale (definition of object of sale, preparation of financial data, development of marketing material and dataroom setup),
  • development of a long and short list of potential buyers,
  • process material development (process letters, NDAs, SPAs/APAs).

We either support or fully take over the role of an internal M&A team, making sure that our assistance delivers the most value to our clients.

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