Why should you invest in Da Nang High-Tech Park?

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Da Nang Hi-tech Park is the only high-tech park in the Central and Highlands of Vietnam. The Da Nang high-tech Park has gradually attracted foreign investors to invest and set up company, factory in Da Nang, especially in the area of high-tech because of its advantages in location, environment, government policy, and local resources.

In terms of geographical location, the High-Tech Park is planned in Da Nang, a key economic region of the Central and Highlands region, where there is a modern, synchronized technical infrastructure system, and a fiber optic cable station on SE- ME-WE that are three connects telecommunication lines with international and human resource training system is abundant and diverse. In addition, the High-Tech Park has a convenient location on the air route to Da Nang International Airport – one of Vietnam’s international airports. About waterways, Da Nang is a coastal city of Vietnam, with large seaport systems such as Tien Sa and Lien Chieu ports to help trade goods with many countries in the region and around the world. In addition, Da Nang High-Tech Park is located on the arterial traffic route of Vietnam, convenient for connecting with surrounding industrial parks and urban areas.

In addition, the High-Tech Park is located in a rich natural landscape area, clean natural environment, close to resorts and eco-tourism such as Da Nang, this is the ideal environment for the formation of an eco-hi-tech urban area, giving investors, scientists and workers a convenient and comfortable living and working environment.

In addition, the Hi-Tech Park is located in Da Nang City, which has a strategic location, transparent and open investment environment, modern infrastructure, friendly living environment and human resources is abundant, the political stability, these are considered to be prerequisites for investors to be able to invest in the safely and effectively way.

Moreover, in recent years, Da Nang has continuously had effective policies to attract investment, attract FDI in the high-tech sector towards building a smart city, so the case many investors are investing in the Hi-Tech Park will help the city accomplish its development goals soon. Therefore, Da Nang always has the highest preferential policy in the country in attracting investment in high-tech parks and low investment costs, in addition, Da Nang’s management agencies have always implemented reforms the administrative procedure, shorten time for investors when investing in here.

With the advantages of geographical location as well as supporting policies, attracting investment, Da Nang High-Tech Park is gradually becoming an investment destination of investors in the future, for setting up business in Vietnam.

Finding the right business partner in Vietnam is also important. We recommend doing research on the reputation of the company and individual shareholders, corporate or individual, gathering publicly available company information, and performing background checks on key personnel to find potential risks in cooperation. Working with a reliable partner can help achieve economic benefits, saving time and money in business.

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