What Are Changes on Enterprise Registration According to Decree No. 01/2021/ND-CP?

On January 4, 2021, the Government issued Decree No. 01/2021/ND-CP on enterprise registration.

From January 4, 2021, the following 04 procedures will be carried out in conjunction: Registration of establishment of enterprises, branches, representative offices in Vietnam; Labor usage declaration; Granting the number of the social insurance participant; Register to use invoices of the enterprise.

The enterprise code is also the enterprise’s taxpayer identification number and the unit participating in social insurance number of the enterprise. According to previous regulations, only the enterprise code was specified as the  enterprise’s taxpayer identification number.

The Business Registration Office has the right to accept or reject the intended name for registration of the enterprise. The opinion of the Business Registration Office is the final decision to avoid the identical, mistaken enterprise name and violation of the regulations on enterprise naming. In case of disagreement with this decision, an enterprise may initiate a lawsuit in in Vietnam accordance with the law on administrative procedures.

In case an enterprise registers the date of business commencement after the date of being granted an enterprise registration certificate, the enterprise is entitled to do business from the date it is registered, except in the case of conditional business investment.

The person competent to sign the application for enterprise registration may authorize other organizations or individuals to carry out enterprise registration procedures. Authorized subjects may be individuals, organizations or  non-public postal service providers or single service providers of public postal services. In case of authorizing a public postal service provider to carry out enterprise registration procedures, when carrying out enterprise registration procedures, postal staff must submit a copy of the application form according to the form provided by the operator. Public postal service providers to issue with certified signatures of postal staff and persons competent to sign written application for enterprise registration. In case of authorizing a non-public postal service provider to carry out enterprise registration procedures, the enterprise registration dossier must be accompanied by a copy of the service contract with the organization providing services to perform procedures related to enterprise registration, referral of that organization to the individual directly performing procedures related to enterprise registration and copies of legal papers of the individual introduce.

In addition, the Decree also stipulates that in addition to the way of paying fees and charges directly at the Business Registration Office, the fee payer can transfer money to the account of the Business Registration Office or use an electronic payment service. The enterprise registration fee is not refundable to an enterprise in the event that an enterprise is not granted an enterprise registration certificate. Online payment of fees and charges will also be supported on the National Business Registration Portal. However, the fee for using this service will not be included in the business registration fee, the fee for providing and disclosing information. In the event of an error in the electronic payment process, the fee or fee paying organization or individual should contact the service provider intermediary for settlement.

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