Vietnam Welcomes Trillion Renewable Energy Projects

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The number of renewable energy projects with total investment capital of about 1,200 – 1,400 billion VND is constantly increasing, confirming that investment in Vietnam renewable energy is an attractive trend.

Recently, the People’s Committee of Binh Thuan Province has handed the decision and received commitment to invest in renewable energy of 20 enterprises in order to diversify the form of energy production, step by step achieving the goal of becoming a large national energy center of the country in the next few years.

Currently, Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan are the two leading provinces in attracting investment in renewable energy because most of the area has an average radiation intensity of about 5 kWh per square meter, less rainfall and hours of sunshine always maintained at an ideal level.

Although the natural conditions are not as favorable as Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan, some neighboring provinces such as Khanh Hoa, Quang Tri, Binh Dinh… also attract many domestic and foreign enterprises committed to pour capital.

Most recently, Fujiwara (Japan) also received license to invest in solar and wind power plants in Binh Dinh with total capital of 1,446 billion VND. According to the investment registration progress, the project will be implemented right in 2017 and is expected to complete the first phase in the first quarter 2019.

Recently, more and more businesses outside the industry have not hidden their ambition to enter the renewable energy sector. According to Deputy General Director of Bamboo Capital, the company plans to raise 300 million USD through issuing bonds and certificates with rights to buy shares held in period from 2017 to 2020. In which, about 100 million USD will be poured into renewable energy projects.

According to this year’s plan, the company will promote the procedure to build a 140 MW solar power plant in Long An province. In addition, the company is seeking investment opportunity in solar power projects in Phu Ninh (Quang Nam) and Ninh Thuan, while taking advantage of international relations to attract capital and experiences from foreign investors.

Furthermore, Bamboo Capital expects to officially sell electricity and record revenue from the energy segment by 2018. By 2020, this segment will be able to deliver significant revenue streams to the company.

Explaining the fact that businesses are racing to plan, commit to invest and directly invest in renewable energy sector, the Renewable Energy Center (under The Energy Institute) thinks that it comes from many factors. First of all, the demand for energy is rising, while the supply of fossil fuels is becoming more expensive and exhausting.

In addition, the technology enters the ripe stage, making business easier to access, while reducing the difference in levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) compared to thermal power. A few years ago, the cost of producing wind electricity was about 3,500 VND per kWh and now it drops to 2,200 – 2,500 VND.

Moreover, the incentive mechanism for the development of solar power projects issued in April this year has also influenced the investment decisions of enterprises. Currently, the purchase price of electricity at the power point is 2,086 VND (equivalent to 9.35 cents/kWh).

In addition, investors are also entitled to many tax incentives such as import tax exemption for imported goods to create fixed assets, exempt from land use fees, land rent, water surface rent at the construction location, lines, substations connected to the grid. In the short term, it is likely that the Government of Vietnam will also consider increasing wind power prices to assist businesses, boosting investment to achieve a total capacity of 6,000 MW by 2030.

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