Vietnam is in need of 18-22 billion USD to develop seaport system

According to the Vietnam’s seaport system development till 2020, the total demand for capital investment to develop is estimated at about 360,000 – 440,000 billion VND (18 – 22 billion USD); 70,000 – 100,000 billion VND for public infrastructures and 290,000 – 340,000 billion VND for berth infrastructures. This is a large capital need therefore the general solution is to maximize the mobilization of all resources in the country and abroad, including the application of the collaborative form which is public-private partnership (PPP).  Seaport systems in Vietnam so far are invested with budget including ODA.  The ratio of the private sector is relatively at low level, about 2% of the capital.   The policies of Vietnam’s seaport have many changes allowing domestic, foreign organizations and individuals to make investment in accordance with the law.  In order to calling for stronger private investment in seaports, a number of solutions have been presented i.e. creating competent authorities with sufficient capacity to implement the commitments in PPP seaport contract, renewing the port management model, establish the port management model, building clearer legal frameworks and investment policies for PPPs model. The master plan to 2020 and vision to 2030 pointed out that Vietnam has 6 port groups by region: national general port, international transit port, international gateway port, regional hub port, local port, specialized port.  Vietnam currently has 49 seaports, including 9 offshore oil and gas ports.  Under the Government’s plan til 2020, Vietnam should focus on building deep water ports like Van Phong International Port, gateway ports in Hai Phong, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, developing island port system.

Source: (CafeF, ANT Consulting)

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