Vietnam is about to have the biggest brewery factory in Asia

BTG holding is located in Slovakia, provides and develops technology in energy, mind, industry. Currently, the holding has invested all over the world but focused on some countries as Turkey, Colombia, Czech, and Vietnam in 4 recent years. ANT Consulting will update this information.

On November 29th 2013, BTG Holding started the construction of factory at Lac Thinh industrial zone in the area of 220 ha at Lac Thinh commune, Yen Thuy district, HoaBinh province. Total capital of the construction is more than Euro 40 million. The first two projects obtained construction permits in this industrial zone are Czechoslovakia brewery factory and thermal power plant invested by BTG Holding.

The Czechoslovakia brewery factory will have capacity of 190 liter /year, total capital of Euro 86 million and main product Budweiser Budvar beer. This product may be supplied to Vietnam market and exported to neighbor countries such as Korea, Japan, China.As expectation, the new factory will conduct business from November 2015 and become the biggest factory located in Asia.

Besides, BTG Holdings will construct thermal power plant which have capacity of 2×25 HW, total capital of Euro 100 million in order to ensure the stable supply for factories in the industrial zone manufacturing dairy products, solar cell, electric chip,…

Moreover, BTG Holding is going to plan another project to construct a car factory in industrial zone with capital of over Euro 200 million.

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