Vietnam business environment on DHL Global Connectedness Index 2012

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DHL, one of the world’s top logistics company yearly publish its DHL Global Connectedness Index (DHL GCI) to analyze the state of globalization around the world.  In the latest DHL GCI Index 2012, Vietnam ranks significantly high on the performance as playing an increasingly important role in global trade.  Since the economic reforms in 1986, Vietnam experienced an enormous increase in its trade and investment depth whereby the GDP per capita reached a substantial amount of $1400.

In 2011 Vietnam on the overall ranks 31st of all 140 countries that were compared in the DHL GCI and with that it improved its ranking by one place since the last survey.  On the trade pillar, Vietnam holds the 7th rank within all 140 countries as such Vietnam most efficient in connectedness.  The Vietnam’s Merchandise Trade ranks on the 8th place in import and 4th place in export flows in the global comparison. It has the biggest success on the depth while ranking 4th with a GDP of 87% for the imports and on 8th for the exports. The USA, China and Japan are the top export destinations of Vietnam. In contrast to Vietnam’s breadth of the export that is on the 5th rank, the import is not nearly as substantial like the breadth of the export with a low rank of 60th. Overall Vietnam is now on the 36th rank of the Breadth and the 46th rank of the Depth on the DHL GCI Index.  At the depth of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) stock Inward, Vietnam ranks on the 31st which means that the FDI has a big impact on the fast increase of the economy of Vietnam.

Overall, Vietnam achieved the 5th largest increase of the connectedness score from 2005 to 2011.

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