Vietnam and Denmark promote clean energy development

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Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam has cooperated with Denmark on clean energy development. Denmark has contributed to provide an important foundation for economical and efficient use of energy in Vietnam.

Another important cooperation content of the Vietnam – Denmark Energy Partnership Cooperation Program is the biennial publication of the Vietnam Energy Outlook Report. This report emphasizes energy efficiency as a cost-effective tool for Vietnam’s green transition to 2030 and 2050 and recommends investment in energy-saving technologies because of this technology will be more cost effective due to the significant savings in fuel costs. Economical and efficient use of energy has many benefits, including major benefits to society such as reducing environmental pollution and enhancing national energy security.

Vietnam is a country with the potential to develop clean energy such as wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy, … with the advantage of being a country adjacent to the sea, near the equator, with high hours of sunshine in a year, these are enough for Vietnam to become a country with a sustainable clean energy base. However, due to many objective factors, Vietnam has not been able to make good use of this resource. The limitation in science, technology, engineering and finance makes the clean energy sector in Vietnam not really focused on development.

Denmark is a European country with many years of experience in clean energy development. After many years of researching the clean energy market in Vietnam, many Danish investors have found the benefit and the ability to develop this field. With the goal of developing clean energy, providing energy efficient and safe platforms. Meanwhile, Denmark has many companies in wind and solar power and is very interested in market entry into Vietnam market through setting up company, or manufacturing in Vietnam.

In addition, Danish investors also promote development, investment cooperation, building smart city in Vietnam, apply science and technology applications and clean energy to build and develop a sustainable way. Therefore, this is an opportunity for Vietnam to attract energy investment from Denmark and also an opportunity for Danish investors to invest in Vietnam. In the coming time, Vietnam hopes to have more investors from Denmark implementing energy development projects in Vietnam so that they can reap high returns for both investors and Vietnam in the future.

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