Strong Flows of FDI Into Vietnam in Jul 2015

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It has been reported foreign direct investment is strong in the month of Jul 2015 for which foreign investors have been putting more money into manufacturing through setting up business in Vietnam especially high tech area.

There were a series of FDI projects that are newly granted with the investment certificate in July 2015, such as the 274 million USD project of Far Eastern in Binh Duong; or the project of Regina Miracle Company will invest 88 million USD to build a shoes manufacturing plant in an area of ​​13.6 hectares in the VSIP Hai Duong. Moreover, VSIP has just received the investment certificate of the industrial park – urban area – services VSIP Nghe An project with the first phase investment capital of over 15 million USD, the entire project could be 76 million USD.

This trend will probably continue in the future, and not just relying on those large-scale projects mentioned above. In the mid-July, during the visit to the United States, leaders of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) have signed a written approval for the Jabil Group (US) to invest additional amount of 500 million USD to expand their factory in HCMC hi-tech park.

Jabil has invested in Vietnam since 2007 and recently they are continuously expanding their investment. According to the statistics of HCMC, Jabil’s revenue in HCMC have steadily increased by 50% / year over the last 5 years and accumulated until the end of June 2015, Jabil has exported 1.3 billion USD of the high-tech products, making great contributions to the socio – economic development of the city.

If this project soon to be granted the investment certificate, it will contribute not only to newly registered FDI capital, but more importantly, emphasis the intention to encourage investment in high-tech sectors was a right choice.

Not only in the field of high technology, in order to meet the opportunities brought up by the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), many large FDI projects will flow into Vietnam in the coming time. The negotiations in an effort to resolve outstanding issues when joining TPP will be conducted this coming months. If completed, the TPP will bring many opportunities (and of course the challenges) for Vietnam.

Meanwhile, there are more and more foreign business delegations coming to seek investment opportunities through setting up factories in Vietnam. Last week, a South Korean business delegation came to Vietnam to survey the market and seek investment opportunities in the field of electronics industry in Vietnam.

South Korea is currently the largest investor in Vietnam, with total registered capital of over 39 billion USD and this figure will continue to rise sharply in the future. According to Mr. Kim Young Sun, general secretary of the ASEAN – Korea Center, Vietnam is an attractive investment destination for many Korean businesses, especially businesses in the electronics field.

In particular, with the Vietnam – Korea free trade agreement has just been signed, the expected two-way trade turnover will reach 70 billion USD by 2020. This will open up further extensive cooperation opportunities between Vietnam and Korea in various fields, including investment in Vietnam.

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