Microchip to Establish Chip Factory in Vietnam

On Jun 25th, 2014, Mr. Ganesh Moorthy, Executive Director of Microchip Technology Inc met up with leading Vietnam Government offer of Ho Chi Minh City and annouce a plan to set up a factory in Vietnam.  Microchip Tecnology has 2 factories for packing and inspecting semiconductor products in Thailand, with more than 4000 labors.

Vietnam is one of the nations that Microchip has been planning and identified as a destination to invest in.  Because Microchip Technology investment plan is long term, three vital conditions for consideration are raised in regard to the investment in Vietnam: readiness of human resources, infrastructure and stability in policy.   Other considering factors are incentives and supportive policy of the Government for this investment project.
Vietnam Government has promised that Microchip Technology project is one of the highly prioritized business.  Therefore Microchip shall receive the highest support for their investment in high-tech sectors from Government for their investment project, such as: the discounted 10% rate of the Corporate Income Tax in the first 15 years from its establishment; the land leasing price, expenses for building infrastructure.
Regarding to the human resources in the semiconductor industry in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is considered to be the most developed region in this industry.  Therefore, the human resources for the semiconductor industry in Ho Chi Minh City Cty is also prioritized.  If the investment goes along as it was planned, the microchip factory in Ho Chi Minh City of Microchip shall be the second factory relating to the production of semiconductor products of international group investing in Vietnam, after Intel Vietnam.

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