Market entry into Vietnam market through merger and acquisition

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Over the past 10 years, Vietnam has always been one of the leading M&A destinations in Southeast Asia. Many international investors have chosen Vietnam as their place of business destination to set up company and apply for investment registration certificate under direct investment or acquiring shares or capital contributions through M&A.

M&A activities enable international businesses to take advantage of the existing business platforms of Vietnamese businesses to continue making investments. This helps international investors to timely grasp the changing trend of technology, legal policies, and facilities to do business, instead of rebuilding from scratch, it will take more time and effort.

Recently, the M&A market in Vietnam has been active and attractive to many investors around the world, especially in the retail and financial sectors. Many international investors have undertaken significant M&A deals in Vietnam over the years and achieved significant profits in their business.

There are many reasons for investors to choose Vietnam as a place to do business, but some of the main factors that make Vietnam attractive are political stability and its economic growth, despite the effects of the Covid-19 epidemic. In addition, with a population of 100 million people, this is considered a large consumption market, along with an abundant and high-quality labour source.

Currently, with the trend of moving production out of China, many investors have chosen Vietnam as the location of setting up company for manufacturing facilities. Rebuilding factories from scratch also makes investors time consuming and costly, therefore taking advantage of Vietnamese factories will help investors not to interrupt their production, and operate the business in a best way.

However, to be able to perform M&A activities in Vietnam, foreign businesses need to understand the Vietnamese market and partners before performing M&A. This will help investors understand the partners’ strengths and weaknesses, and outline a suitable business path after implementing M&A. In addition, to avoid unnecessary risks relating to the transaction and to the business itself, investors need to find a reputable and experienced professional consulting company that could help with market research, background check, management criminal record check, business certificate verification, corporate and individual reputation to build up confidence in doing M&A deal in Vietnam.

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