Korea’s largest retail group plans to enter Vietnam

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 Korea’s largest retail group plans to enter Vietnam

This is announced by E-mart at the workshop held in Hanoi. According to E-mart representative, Vietnam is the ideal destination for Korean businesses, including retail services, logistic and appliances. In 2012, E-mart has imported more than 7.88 million USD in commodity products from Vietnam. Meanwhile, online selling revenues of E-mart in Vietnam in 2012 reached 89 million USD.

E-mart is urgently implement activities to open its first branch in Vietnam in 2013 and in 2017, they expect to put into operation 17 supermarkets.

In December 1992, Vietnam and Korea have officially established diplomatic relations. Since then, bilateral trade turnover has increased by nearly 40 times, from 0.5 billion USD in 1992 to 20 billion USD in 2012. Particularly November 2012, Vietnam’s commodity export and import turnover to Korean market reached 5.07 billion USD and 14.6 billion USD, respectively.

(Source: VnExpress, ANT Consulting)

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