Implementation of the UKVFTA Agreement

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On May 1st, 2021, the Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the United Kingdom (UKVFTA) officially came into effect, marking an important symbolic step in the growing partnership between Vietnam and UK, facilitating the trade between the two countries, hence making more UK investors choose Vietnam as a destination to make investment, and set up company for operation to enjoy the benefits of the agreement.

The UKVFTA has provided regulations governing bilateral trade between the two countries with a value of up to 5.1 billion pound, which is a foundation for trade and investment development, creating a strong framework for UK and Vietnamese businesses.

In addition, the Agreement also provides market access commitments with a schedule to reduce preferential tariffs for import and export goods between the UK and Vietnam. Specifically, the commitment to eliminate 65% of tariff lines in the framework of bilateral trade continues to be maintained in this Agreement. In the next 6 years, 99% of tariff lines will continue to be eliminated tariffs, facilitating import and export for machinery, mechanical equipment, and pharmaceuticals.

In addition, Vietnam has also made commitments higher than Vietnam’s commitments in the WTO to create favorable conditions for UK investors to access Vietnam’s markets, including finance, telecommunications and education. This will help the UK investors to easily access the market and make investments and set up company in Vietnam.

In the field of intellectual property, the parties continue to commit to a high level of protection. The iconic UK products, including Scotch whiskey, Scottish farmed Salmon, Irish whiskey and Irish cream, as well as 36 Vietnamese agricultural products, including Moc Chau tea, Buon Ma Thuot coffee, Hai Hau rice and Phu Quoc fish sauce continue to be protected.

The official entry into force of the UKVFTA is the latest milestone in a year of strengthening bilateral and commercial relations between the UK and Vietnam. The implementation of the Agreement will help investors and enterprises of the two countries easily make investments, ensure the best benefits from the agreement, thereby bringing long-term economic benefits to investment and business.

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