Foreign Capital Poured Strongly into Ho Chi Minh City

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It has been reported the foreign direct investment (FDI) is strong up to the end of August 2015.  The trend of foreign investors relocating manufacturing site to Vietnam, build factory, and make direct investment through setting up company or business venture has been progressively realized thanks to Vietnam’s policy welcoming FDI and the uncertainties of China.

There are 249 newly registered projects in the form of 100% foreign investment capital, reaching USD 744 million; 78 joint venture projects reaching USD 1,573.6 million.

In terms of investment sector, Vietnam real estate sector topped in the capital pouring in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam with 5 projects and the capital reached USD 1,428.4 million, accounting for 61.6% of total newly registered capital, 41 industrial projects with USD 585.7 million (25.3%).  In the third place is the financial and service sector with 90 projects and USD 116 million investment capital (5%); education and training with 8 projects at USD 71.3 million investment capital (3.1%); 53 information and communication projects at 20 million USD investment capital; 17 transport and warehouse projects…

The demographic of investors are diverse.  There are 35 countries and territories having investment projects in Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, United Kingdom following the recent visit of British Prime Minister has 5 projects with investment capital of USD 1,201.4 million (accounting for 51.8% of total investment in Ho Chi Minh City); British Virgin Islands have 7 projects, at USD 306.5 million investment capital (13.2%); South Korea with 71 projects, at USD 232.8 million investment capital (10%); Singapore has 52 projects with USD 107.6 million investment capital (4.6%); Japan has 57 projects, investment capital of 29.9 million USD; Hong Kong has 13 projects, investment capital of 47.8 million USD (2.1%).

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