Dong Nai attracts more investment capital in supporting industry.

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From the beginning of this year, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in Dong Nai province hasexceeded the target set for the whole year, which is the capital inflow in supporting  industry increases very high.At the first 6 months press conference of Dong Nai on June 20th  Ms. Bo Ngoc Thu, Director of Planning and Investment of Dong Nai Province said that from the beginning of the year, the total investment capital registered new and increased capital of projects in the province is 986 million US dollars, increases by 113% over the same period last year and increases by 9.5% of the whole plan of the province this year.
Specifically, there are 30 projects granted investment certificates with a total registered capital of 588 million US dollars and 42 active projects with increased investment capital reaches 398 million US dollars.
According to Ms. Thu, these new projects mainly in the industrial sector, including some projects in the supporting industry sector accounts for about 50% with total investment capital of 85% of the total registered capital. Compared with previous years, this is the first time Dong Nai attracted more foreign investment in the supporting industry than different sectors. Most of these projects are invested by Japanese firms.
The remaining projects are production of mechanical products, food processing, cosmetic products, manufacturing medical equipment and dental equipment, hospital equipment, cable television, security and telecommunications …

(Source: Cafef)

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