Da Nang to boost investment attraction in high-tech projects, electronics industry, information technology

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Da Nang is a developed locality in central Vietnam which has 6 industrial parks in operation, with more than 500 investment project and Da Nang hi-tech park has attracted more than 21 investment projects in There are 10 FDI projects.

Industrial zones in Da Nang have attracted investment capital flows, especially FDI, contributing to promoting industrial development and accelerating the process of economic restructuring of the city towards industry and services. The industrial structure of the city has been transformed in the direction of increasing the proportion of clean industries with high levels of engineering and technology.

At present, the industrial production in the city is still stable but there is no breakthrough due to the failure to attract large-scale projects, production of products with high technology content and added value. Up to now, FDI projects that have attracted are mostly outsourcing, assembling, and using many unskilled labour. Therefore, the impact in source technology transfer is not high, the spillover effect and the connectivity between FDI and domestic enterprises is limited.

In addition, due to limited capital sources, the slow implementation of the High-Tech Park and IT Park leads to low business efficiency, then Da Nang always gives priority to attracting and giving incentives to set up company to invest in projects in high technology, information technology and electronics industries. Besides, the city encourages and supports investment projects to establish business in Da Nang, Vietnam the fields of supporting industries, machinery and equipment manufacturing, automobile production and assembly, means of transport, production of high value-added consumer goods (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, functional foods, etc.), environmental industries. For the fields of production and processing, the city encourages investment projects to set up business in Da Nang, Vietnam with clean raw materials, economical use of resources and fuels, using clean technology, creating safe products with consumers, friendly with the environment. The city does not attract energy-intensive manufacturing projects, raw processing, using outdated technology, high risk of environmental pollution and projects that affect national security.

In addition to urgently implementing procedures for the establishment of new industrial zones and clusters, the city focuses on attracting investment in construction, completing technical infrastructure, functional areas especially essential works, housing for workers, cultural institutions, landscapes, the environment to promote attracting domestic and foreign investment into industries. At the same time, the city also speeds up the project of upgrading Lien Chieu Port, developing logistics service centers, building a convenient transport network for industrial development.

Regarding human resources, the city has implemented many policies to support and train human resources to meet the requirements of developing key industries such as: supporting enterprises to train managers and technicians, skilled workers both at Vietnam and abroad, supporting attract good managers, leading scientific and technical experts, highly skilled workers in the high-tech industries, information technology, supporting industries etc. In which, linking with major training centers in Vietnam and abroad for professions requiring high technical qualifications, long training periods. In particular, the city encourages company to set up in Da Nang, Vietnam with technology incubation activities, start-ups, investment in research and development activities, provide credit and provide credit guarantees for investment in the application of new and advanced technologies productivity, product quality, energy saving, cleaner.

With its policies to attract and develop, Da Nang hopes that many investors with economic potential in the fields above will invest in Da Nang in order to take advantage of their resources, bring the highest benefits to both investors and the city in the future.

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