Da Nang- Tangier (Morocco) cooperates in economic field

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On April 14th, 2021, representatives of Da Nang city had an online meeting with representatives of Tangier city (Morocco) on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries (1961-2021).

At the meeting, representatives of Da Nang city shared the characteristics, potentials and similarities in the field in the development orientation of two cities, by this meeting, the two cities will continue to promote cooperation in a number of areas such as tourism, transportation, and trade. In addition, Da Nang is implementing the goal of both coping with epidemics, socio-economic development, promoting the image of the city as a safe destination for investors and tourists.

Specifically, in the field of tourism, is is encouraged cooperation between tourism and travel businesses. At the same time, parties are suggested to coordinate to organize tourism product survey teams, to connect tourism of the two cities; promote, advertise and introduce the image of Da Nang to Moroccan citizens.

In the transport sector, Da Nang side hopes that Tangier will support Da Nang in calling for businesses and investors of Tangier to invest in a PPP component (public-private partnership) of Lien Chieu port project to cooperate. Besides, invest in logistics centers according to the approved planning and support investment in marinas, inland water ports.

In the field of trade, the side of Da Nang city proposed the two parties to exchange and provide information on trade fair and prestigious events of the city; information on import and export enterprises; trade policy mechanism, etc. for imported goods to support trade connection, promote goods export – import.

Besides, two cities will support enterprises to research, learn and access each other’s goods market; connect businesses in the raw material supply chain to boost exports of potentially complementary products, coordinate in organizing or assisting enterprises to survey the market, creating conditions for all parties to arrange stalls or send goods for introduction at their local product introduction centers.

Bases on the proposals of Da Nang, the representative of Tangier city shared, Tangier is a locality with infrastructure for tourism and transportation. Tangier wants the two cities to concretize ideas of cooperation to connect tourism. At the same time, to create favorable conditions and optimize strengths to develop fields that both cities are interested in. In addition, the representative of Tangier city hopes that apart from the aforementioned fields, the two cities will be able to cooperate in the fields of technology, environment and sustainable development.

By the meeting, the two parties also expected that in the coming time, with the efforts of cooperation and economic development, investors from Tangier will make investment in Da Nang, to apply for investment certificate, to set up company, in order to make the most of the incentives investment in Da Nang, in order to reap its economic benefits.

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