Da Nang promotes the development of Science and Technology

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According to a report by the Ministry of Science and Technology, in 2019, the Science and Technology industry has achieved GDP growth of 46.11% and the labor productivity growth rate of 6.2%, these are achievements of Science and Technology of Vietnam in 2019. To continue the development of Science and Technology, Da Nang has set a goal of developing science and technology, focusing on the goal of improving the capacity of innovation by attracted the domestic and foreign investors to set up company in this fields in Da Nang.

In recent years, with efforts in Science and Technology development, Vietnam has achieved certain achievements in the fight against epidemics and bringing the economy back to stability. At the same time, Science and Technology achievements have been flexibly applied, promoting the basis of the digitized Vietnamese knowledge system in developing epidemic maps using Vmap, detecting people at risk of infection at tourist destinations, construction of medical declaration software.  In the meantime, Vietnam has been effectively mobilizing science and technology representative networks in countries to connect research groups, exchange and test equipment, technologies and products for prevention and control of epidemic; promote public-private cooperation in conducting research tasks.

In addition, according to the content of Resolution No. 50/NQ-CP dated April 17, 2020 on the Government’s action plan to implement Resolution No. 52-NQ/TW dated September 27, 2019 of the Politburo on number of guidelines and policies actively participated in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Prime Minister has issued the policies to improve national innovation capacity.

In particular, the Prime Minister requested the Ministry of Science and Technology to conduct research, review and propose a comprehensive restructuring plan for the system of public scientific and technological research facilities. Building and developing national innovation centers, focusing on the key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Developing a national innovation system in the direction of being enterprise is the centered, higher education institutions and research institutes as strong research subjects. At the same time, assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with units in joint research and development, propose special and breakthrough mechanisms and policies for the construction and operation of innovation centers. Beside, Vietnam has encouraged domestic and foreign universities, businesses and organizations to set up innovation centers in Vietnam.

In Da Nang City, the Department of Science and Technology issued Plan No. 28-KH/SKHCN dated May 12, 2020, focusing on the content of improving the capacity of innovation.

In the coming time, the city Department of Science and Technology will deploy 23 contents on the topic of innovation. In which, 03 contents are implemented in the period of 2020 to 2025 and 16 contents are implemented annually.

In the period of 2020 to 2025, the Department will coordinate with the Ministry of Science and Technology to promote the development of national creative start-up ecosystem to strongly develop startups in the city.

In addition, the Department will advise the implementation of the Projects to build Da Nang into a national innovation and innovation start-up center in the Central region and Highlands of Vietnam. In particular, in the immediate future, the city will focus on building and deploying activities of innovation centers, focusing on the core technologies of the Fourth Technology Revolution. The City People’s Committee issued a plan to implement the City’s Program on “Developing high-tech industry, building Da Nang into a national-level startup, innovation and innovation center, as an urban area in creativity – science – technology of the global and highly competitive”, and plan to implement the Project” Supporting national innovation start-up ecosystem to 2025″ in the Da Nang city.

With the efforts of Science and Technology development with the city’s FDI attraction goals, Da Nang hopes that it will become a destination for Science and Technology investors to set up company doing business in Vietnam.

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