US Government Sponsored 1 Billion USD for Vietnam Wind Energy

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US Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City has just signed a non refundable sponsorship for Cong Ly Construction, Trade and Tourism Co., Ltd an aid amount of nearly 1 billion USD to conduct a feasibility study program to develop Bac Lieu wind power plant with capacity of 300MW.

Accordingly, the research project involves conducting assessments on resources and wind energy; review of licensing issues and land controlling; grid connection and foundation design; estimating construction costs… The project has been approved by the Prime Minister and this is the first private project of Vietnam in the field of offshore wind power, which is benefit from the supporting programs of the US Government to Vietnam.

This activity is part of the implementation of commitments to comprehensive support Vietnam of the US Government. At the same time, the connection and promote cooperation between the two Governments will help organizations and enterprises of the two countries to have the opportunity to connect with many commercial activities.

According to the project investor, Bac Lieu wind power plant is implemented in 3 phases. The 1st phase has been operated since August 2013 and used 10 wind turbines which were produced by the General Electric Company, with capacity of 16MW. After 19 months of operation, it has provided about 60 million KW of electricity into the national grid. The 2nd phase of the project is being implemented and the number of wind turbines will increase by 50, which is expected to go into operation by mid 2016.

Directed to complete a project with capacity of 300MW, in the 3rd phase, the project will be extended to the sea of about 2.1 km. According to leaders of Bac Lieu province, the construction of the Bac Lieu wind power plant is included in the overall plan to solve the problem of energy, especially clean energy. Moreover, through the deployment of wind power plant project, it is showed the benefits for ecology, culture, protection of forests and fisheries resources.

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