Vietnam: The Potential Destination for Venture Capitals

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If we see the business, the attention of Venture Capitals (VCs) and foreign investors are the indication then Vietnam is emerging as a potential environment for the startup operation.

Besides the investment funds that have been presented in Vietnam as IDG Ventures Vietnam, a number of new VCs have joined the Vietnam entrepreneurship ecosystem and are very optimistic about the ahead opportunities.

On August 2015, the Captii Ventures owned by Captii Corporation has invested a sum of 6 numbers to the startup OnOnPay phone recharge. This represents the first venture investment of Captii in Vietnam.

Factors attracting investors here are the demographic advantages and business models that can be replicated. According to, the startup figure in Vietnam has risen to 1,400, bringing this country becomes the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia after Singapore and Indonesia.

With a population of 90 million people who are in the process of economic growth, young population structure, emerging middle class and the rate of Internet user is increasing rapidly, especially mobile phone, Vietnam is in the beginning phase of a very exciting cycle.

Moreover, Vietnam is a large, young and growing rapidly economy, the technology index such as the ratio of using the Internet and smart phone are in large-scale, the leading founder generation have achieved success and demonstrate the potential of the talent and market of Vietnam.

Compared to other Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam), Vietnam has strong advantages in the available technique human resources, energy, resources and potential growth the market.

Moreover, the new policy on foreign investment has entered into force on July 1st 2015 with more freedom for foreigners to own real estate in Vietnam and simpler procedures for projects or portfolios.

In the 3 areas that Captii Ventures is focusing on that are market, digital media and apps for business, they will participate more actively in at least two areas that are market and apps for business.

Not only with the VCs, Vietnam startup is also attractive to other foreign companies such as Yello Mobile from South Korea, the company has invested in CleverAds advertising company and Websosanh – the price comparison site.
Garena, a Singapore’s internet company has invested Series B for Foody, startup locations that in the same month continued to receive Series C investment from Tiger Global Management – US venture capital fund.

Transcosmos, a software manufacturing company based in Tokyo, had previously acquired a 30% stake in Hotdeal e-commerce platform in a deal signed on August 2015.

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